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Dude. 26. Writer. This blog acts a new place for ageing memories - a cache for data and experiences! NSFW / Adult / 18+ / NO SERIOUSLY YOU 'GUN SEE SOME SHIT HERE. BE A FUCKING ADULT ABOUT IT.

You think it’s bad now?

Wait until the 50 Shades of Grey franchise hits screens and the young and dumb start “getting into the lifestyle!”

Whether you’ve established yourself in the scene, or you’re looking to get into it, I am putting my money on things getting shitty REAL fucking quick!

You a dom/domme? Enjoy slaves who try bossing YOU around because “you’re… like… not Mr Grey enough!”.

You a sub? Enjoy the fucking autistic/psychotic dominants who are going to be hunting for easy marks.

Don’t even get me started on how this clueless, band wagon fucktards are going to take a big stinky shit on the subtleties and ground rules of the scene… Let alone the cultural panic we’re going to see started by corporate media outlets with high political/cultural bias!

Don’t believe me? You’ll see… Boy, oh boy, oh BOY you’ll see!

From now on I’m going to watch my ass twice as much as I do already, and pray you other suckers have concealed carry permits!

They. Are. Coming.

— 13 minutes ago
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7 deadly sins. Put one in my ask.


Lust: Something that I find attractive.

Pride: Something that I like about myself.

Sloth: Something that I dislike about myself.

Envy: Something I wish I was better at.

Gluttony: One of my favorite foods.

Wrath: Something that gets me angry.

Greed: Something I can’t get enough of.

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It’s that time…

Pardon me whilst I go on Anon and leave compliments for people on this site I find cute! :3

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I want to see a playlist of songs you’d blast through speakers in order to unnerve your enemies or inspire your fellow soldiers to fight by your side!

I also just want to hear newer and more angry bands…

Send me a playlist of ten songs from ten artists and I’ll rate it using military ranks!

Go, go, go!

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Promise me, followers…

Promise me that if I die, you’ll track me down and destroy everything on my computer.

I mean there’s nothing illegal at all on here, seriously! But my porn stash alone will destroy the memory of me being a big, strapping man…

And frankly, that’s all I got at the moment! :P

— 4 hours ago
Another day…


…Of this slow-ass internet connection!

If I ever get arrested and locked in solitary confinement, or if I get lost in the wilds, or if our modern lifestyles suddenly become unsustainable…

I am dead… So very, very dead…

My doomsday prepping would include taking loot and dancing lessons, then being surplus jester outfits!

— 4 hours ago
thekrug Hang on… I was under the impression you actually were Snake Eyes! :P
I might have to amend that post to:
"Every man wants to be Arnold… or Snake Eyes… or maybe Sub Zero…"

thekrug Hang on… I was under the impression you actually were Snake Eyes! :P

I might have to amend that post to:

"Every man wants to be Arnold… or Snake Eyes… or maybe Sub Zero…"

— 4 hours ago

I usually HATE fish… I even avoid the ol’ fried fish when getting a quick seafood meal…

But tonight the fish is fucking ON. POINT! Delicious!

You know when you eat a meal that’s so simple but so good it makes you realise how fucking lucky you are to have a functioning body to consume it, let alone the money and opportunity to obtain such a meal?

I have that feel. From my stomach to my heart.

— 4 hours ago
I’ll say it again…

Practically every man of MY generation wants to be Arnold from Hey, Arnold!

Who are you kidding?

You wear slim jeans and flannel and baggy jumpers and b’ball caps.

You want to live in a diverse town that looks like a combination of East and West coast America, in particular New York and San Fran.

You want your bedroom to be in the loft apartment of an old, turn of the century brick share house.

You want to play harmonica, keyboard, skateboard and bicycle everywhere and OF COURSE you want a psycho girlfriend who is kind of abusive but worships the ground you walk on.

Sure, you SAY you want to be Action Man or Mr Bumpy or CatDog or someone from that era…

But let’s not joke around. You ACTUALLY want to be Arnold…

[EDIT] If not Arnold, maybe Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat… or Snake Eyes from old school GI Joe. But I bet my money it’s REALLY about being Arnold! :P

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*pinches brow*

This “Mummy” / “Daddy” thing is getting out of fucking hand…

If I dated someone who called me Daddy whilst I was fucking them, I’d bury them in my yard, along with my chopped off dick…


Can someone actually fill me in on exactly WHY it’s so popular lately? Is it pop culture fad now?

— 6 hours ago