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Someone asked me to “act” out a scenario the other day - ON THE SPOT - and I failed. Badly.

It got me thinking.

I can write something off the top of my head. I can just go off on a cuff and start spinning a yarn. But I really don’t acknowledge that talent - I’m a bit of a downer about myself.

At the same time though, I’m in awe of people who can just pick up a paint brush or jump into a scene or bust out a groove or simply start belting out a tune, at a moment’s notice.

And let’s not forget people who aren’t artists, but are still extremely gifted in their field of interest. People who can run off facts and explain complex theories at a moments notice. Folks who are able to complete amazing feats of physical skill as if it were nothing.

Humans are pretty awesome!

My point, however, is this…

If you ever feel bad about how “abilities” or “strengths” or you start dwelling on the fact you think you lack them…

Realise that there’s shit you can do that other people have to SLAY THEMSELVES in order to accomplish. Just as they can do stuff you can’t, you can do some pretty rad stuff too!

— 8 hours ago