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Dude. 26. Writer. This blog acts a new place for ageing memories - a cache for data and experiences! NSFW / Adult / 18+. Unless stated, I do not claim ownership to anything featured on this blog! If you're the original poster/artist of any content, and want it removed, contact me and I shall endeavour to do so.

I just need some love tonight…

I am desperately alone, lately…

My family really can’t do anything for me. My circumstances in this city are pretty shit. And I’m just struggling to spend even half a day with friends.

For the past few days I keep seeing what I think are the faces of exes and people from my past - people there were vicious and in some cases abusive.

Though I’ve manage to work really hard, I feel that NONE of my gains are really worth much - to me or anyone else.

I feel a bit like I’m slipping back into my old thinking. I honestly don’t want to keep living any more.

Today was just the icing on the cake.

I just need someone to talk to me with a bit of fucking  genuine kindness…

I don’t want to be a sob story and reach out to my followers for this… but I just don’t know what else to do.

It’s really bad in my neck of the woods, guys.

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Cat curling…

— 1 day ago

Rescue dog’s first snow day!

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